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A rise in the worlds population is having serious, negative effects on the environment. Some scientists believe that the only way to阿卡索外教网www怎么.123peiyin样这个.点评com很专业 solve the problem is to set up a colony on the Moon. Others argue that the cost would be far too great and other solutions should be sought.

What is your opinion?

The environment is, of course, under serious threat, but the extent to which population growth is responsible may not be as great as some people claim. In fact there are many other factors such as the growth in big cities, pollution from traffic and manufacturing, and the destruction of rainforest that probably play a bigger role. It is questionable, therefore, how far a colony on the Moon w外教一对一英语价格贵不贵,roogge.com一年大概需要多少钱?ould help solve the problem.

One of the most serious threats to the global ecosystem is the destruction of the rainforests with an area the size of Europe disappearing every year. And this is largely due to large companies in their pursuit of profit. Indeed, whilst international logging companies claim to use on average 10 percent of the species of trees that make up the rainforest, that 10 percent of species constitute about 90 percent of the volume.

Naturally, if the worlds population was not as large, the demand for wood would be considerably reduced, which would support setting up a colony on the Moon. But even if the colony was set up how many people in reality, would relocate? Even if the number ran into tens of thousands the actual effect on the worlds population would be minimal. Indeed, we only need to consider how many people were killed during the two world wars, which ran into millions, to support this claim. Instead, the cost should be transferred into the development of sustainable economies.

Take, for instance, the growth of big cities that consume land at an enormous rate, and that rely on transport and essential services that devastate the environment. If people were to revert to living in small semi self-contained communities, many of the problems experienced by big cities could be avoided. It would even be beneficial for the economy because it would promote the development of small, family run businesses.

At the end of the day, to claim that setting up a colony on the Moon would help to solve the issue of environmental damage is to close our eyes to the causes of the damage. In short, it could potentially turn out to be a very costly exercise with few real benefits.


Do the negative effects of some international media such as TV and magazine for example overweigh the positive effects?

International media such as TV network and magazine always gives people in an information age mixed feelings. Like many other things, media is double-edged.

As primary channels of information, TV and magazine are convenient and economic sources of information for knowledge, entertainment, and shopping. Interestingly, sometimes the same piece of information varies considerably in its influences on audiences of different age. For example, in a TV commercial, a beautiful lady promotes a certain brand of perfume, which supposablely makes girls more attractive to boys. For potential grownup buyers, the ad is useful because they might be spending time searching for such products. We save time in shopping and making decision by making use of such advertisements. However, a teenage girl might get the wrong idea about the concept of perfume. She could get money from her parents to buy the advertised product. Worse yet, she might use the sex appeal strategy employed in the commercial to get ahead in the future. This is classic bad influence of media for young peoples overspending and inappropriate behaviors.

However, we find it very difficult to weight between merits and problems of media because they are often closely incorporated. For instance, violent scenes in movies are believed to be partially responsible for violence-related crimes, particularly those committed by young people. But on the contrary, such movies also give people a channel to release their anger, anxiety, and pressure. Moreover, these movies show us bad and evil as well as punishments for wrongdoings. Imagine we live in a world whose media is completely clean in such sense. The dark side of media does not disappear just because we do not talk about it. Nevertheless certain kinds of information such as porn are better kept away from young people.

In conclusion, media should not be seen simply as bad or good because we need to use information properly to the best of our ability. But for certain segments of viewers, we should be very careful with regard to the content of information and take measures to keep viewers from possible harmful influences of media.



雅思作文中拽句子不用很多,点缀其中即可。模仿的句子来源,可以是阅读中的复杂句式,先分析长句子的语义功能。 雅思写作中用上几次之后,这些句子就会变得简单熟悉了。





可用official guide提供的185个topics,或去下载题库,然后反复阅读题目。





或给出两个对立事物或一个事物对立的两个方面,要求考生说明二者为什么不同或比较它们的优缺点,并给出理由(Some people like different friends. Other likes similar friends. Compare the advantages of these two kinds of friends. Which kind of friend do you prefer? Explain why.)



比如这句话:他是个勤劳的人。这句话中勤劳可能很多同学不太会拼diligent,甚至会拼成delegent。但是通过反义正解的方法,比如:他不是懒惰的人=他是个勤劳的人,懒惰这个单词大家都知道是lazy,所以not lazy=diligent。







Parents often do not pay much attention to the growing of children.



政府应该提供资助给难民。资助译为sponsor/subsidize,难民译为refugee。这两个单词属于六级词汇,如果用具体解释的方法,资助可拆分为资=金钱上的=financial,助=帮助=help;难民=遭受灾难的人=the people who were suffered from disaster.


The government should provide financial support/help for the people who were suffered from disaster.



虐待=残忍地=不好地=坏地对待The people who treat children cruelly/badly should be punished.


轻微=以缓慢的速度The price of house start to decrease at a slow rate.

例3:人们应该努力在生态平衡的问题上做出贡献。生态平衡译为ecological balance。

生态平衡=人与自然地平衡People should make great efforts to the problem on the balance between human beings and nature.





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